Arometrix Customers


Botanical Processors

Our customers are companies that are licensed to process medical and therapeutical botanical extracts. This includes Cannabis processing facilities at vertically integrated companies and contracted or wholesale manufacturing companies. End users include Laboratory Technicians, Laboratory Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, and Directors of Operations.

Who uses our products?

Laboratory Technicians increase product potency and consistency by using real-time, objective analytics
Laboratory Managers train new technicians more quickly by providing an easier, intuitive visualization of the process
Quality Managers maintain traceability for batches by logging molecular process data
Directors of Laboratory Operations optimize laboratory operations and eliminate potential for human error through process monitoring


Processes We Serve

Our technology platform is easily scalable. While our technology’s initial use case was fractional distillation (2018), Arometrix has already made two “spin-off” analyzers for other Cannabis processes: Isolation/Chromatography (2020) and Extraction (2021).


Fractional Distillation

The FRACTION FINDER is a real-time molecular monitoring system to optimize and standardize fractional distillation processes (short path, wiped film, thin film, etc). The live data will tell you when to change your collection flasks so that the different fractions are more optimally separated. The main fractions are “heads”, “bodies”, and “tails”. Knowing exactly when each fraction starts helps you to determine optimal flask transfers for precise and repeatable separation of fractions.



The FRACTION FINDER ULTRA is a real-time molecular monitoring system for ultra-sensitive detection during chromatography (normal-phase, reverse-phase, color remediation, etc). It is also a solution for industrial distillations. For example, the data will let you easily monitor fraction peaks to know when to stop eluting, switch fractions, or switch columns. This package includes a new, ultra-sensitive sensor design.



The EXTRACTION FINDER is a real-time molecular monitoring system to optimize ethanol, butane and other extraction processes (NEW). With our new EXTRACTION FINDER, Arometrix is completely revolutionizing botanical extraction. By tracking molecular levels, and how they increase or decrease over time, we give power to the processor and a path to greater extraction efficiency. Avoid over or under-extracting, and optimize yield, potency, and time. This package includes a new extraction adapter, along with our ultra-sensitive sensor.



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