2L G2/G3 Short Path Distillation SmartKit | Includes EliteLab & Fraction Finder


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One of the most technologically advanced distillation kits currently on the market.

Perfect for people just starting out.

This kit is the smart choice for smaller labs.

After months and months of development, this two-liter kit is more comprehensive and integrated than any system before it. The complete, turn-key system is the new gold standard for short path distillation.

In addition to the Fraction Finder, a purchase of any Lab Society short path kit includes FREE one year access to Elite Lab, revolutionary new laboratory software for real-time, cloud-based data logging.

You’ve been generating data this whole time, but until now, there was no easy way to collect and make sense of all of it. Data-driven decisions are the key to improving your processes over time. EliteLab® is the first software that lets you connect all of the control, monitoring, and data-capturing devices in your lab, creating, storing, and recalling meaningful information that you can easily visualize via your Windows-based, PC computer. Mac, Linux, Android and iOS support coming soon! The Fraction Finder integration into EliteLab is available as Beta software; public release will be soon!

Everything you need to get up and running.

This benchtop-scale distillation system includes all of the clamps, hoses, connectors, accessories, and tools to perform distillations efficiently and with ease.

100% configurable.

Our patent-pending system also includes: material transfer tools, cleaning tools, and extra setup parts to allow you to configure the system to fit your laboratory’s needs.

Lab Society’s precisely engineered parts and patent-pending glassware designs make the short path distillation process easier than ever before. The G2 Short Path Kits are less user-involved, and they are the most efficient solution yet.  

Complete process control.

The brand new G2 system utilizes precise temperature controllers, temperature monitors, and vacuum monitors for complete process control. Not only that, but these kits have state-of-the-art automation and data logging features, so you can improve your quality and consistency over time.

Computer compatible.

All of Lab Society’s controllers are PC-compatible, with software available on labsociety.com or via the product manual.

With a computer connected to your controllers, you can easily control the G2 unit while logging data, setting ramp programs and/or I/O functions.  

The future of short path.

The G2 series of short path distillation kits represents a tremendous evolution forward, and we’re just getting started.

The basic kit includes the following equipment:

The turnkey kit includes the following equipment:

  • G3 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (2L Classic)
  • G3 Executive SPD Electronics Kit (2L, 120V)
  • Fraction Finder for Short Path Distillation, size 29 sensor
  • 24/40 Adapter for Fraction Finder
  • EliteLab
  • PolyScience MX07R Refrigerated Circulator
    120V/ 60 Hz/ 1Ph/ 12 Amps, Temperature Range -20 to 135°C, Reservoir
    capacity 7L
  • Lab Society 2-Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (115V, 12 m3/h)
    Single Phase
    100-120 Volt
    60 hz
    0.5 HP Motor
    7.1 CFM, 550 Watts
  • Premium Exhaust Filter, KF25
    KF 25 Flange Connection, Can handle up to 40 cfm
  • Dewar Style Vacuum Trap Kit – Complete
    • LS Dewar Style Cold Trap GL-18 hose Connections
    • 500ml Receiving Flask 45/50 Rodaviss Joint
    • Ring Stand
    • Chain Clamp
    • Cork Stand
    • Premium Boss Head
  • PolyScience Immersion Chiller (IP-60, Bent Probe, 120V)

Resources & Specs


Complete System:Peer-Reviewed, GMP Compliant
Heating Mantles:CAN/CSA C284101, C22.2 No.88
Temperature Controller:NRTL, QPS, CE, Constructed with 100% UL and CSA listed parts, UL 61010-1; 61010-2-201, CAN/CSA 61010-1, C22.2
Temperature Monitor:CE, Constructed with 100% UL and CSA listed parts
Stir Controller:CE, Constructed with 100% UL and CSA listed parts
Vacuum Monitor:RoHS, CE, NRTL
Glassware:Meets ASTM specification E438, type 1, class A, Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran Glass

To learn more about this Lab Society Short Path Distillation kit, visit here.

To learn more about the Fraction Finder for Short Path Distillation, visit here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I only want some of this equipment included in the turnkey option?

We’d be happy to get you whatever equipment you would like. Please call or email us to let us know which of the add-ons in the turnkey option that you would like. We will get you the appropriate quote.

What is the on-site peer review service?

These G3/G3X Short Path Units are capable of being Peer-Reviewed, if you would like that. After setup, a peer reviewed technician signs off on the unit.

Which fractions can the Fraction Finder detect?

During short-path distillation, it can distinguish what is colloquially known as “Heads”, “Main Bodies”, and “Tails”. Click here for a list of molecules, such as Delta-9 and more.

2L G2/G3 Short Path Distillation SmartKit | Includes EliteLab & Fraction Finder


2L short path distillation kit equipped with Elite Lab and the Fraction Finder to analyze every pass

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2L G2/G3 Short Path Distillation SmartKit | Includes EliteLab & Fraction Finder