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The EXTRACTION FINDER is the first and only in-line molecular sensor for botanical extraction and distillation. Its purpose is to assist laboratory managers, technicians, and consultants to optimize their processes. This system will help improve the quality, consistency, and value of extract products. This package includes our newest sensor model – the ultra-sensitive Fraction Finder sensor.

Features & Details
  • Molecule Indicators – Detect and monitor key molecules in real-time (Delta-9 THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, Degradates, Chlorophyll, Lipids, or Custom)
  • Intensity Values – Use standard digits to track molecule intensity values
  • Auto Highlighting – Simply check any given molecule’s checkbox and the screen will automatically identify and highlight the region that the molecule fluoresces at
  • Record and Review – Start and stop recording run data with the touch of a button for easy CSV review
  • Software Updates – Upgrade to free, feature-rich software releases easily from the field (currently V1.2.3)
  • Seamless Integration – Install onto ethanol, centrifuge, heptane, and some hydrocarbon extractors in the matter of minutes
  • Technical Support – Support via phone call, SMS text message, and email
  • Bonuses – Made in the USA | 30-day money back guarantee | Arometrix Academy

Lack of Objectivity During Processing

During extraction, it can be very challenging to monitor molecular changes and to determine when the process is over, especially for novice operators. Before the FRACTION FINDER, the traditional method of ‘fraction finding’ relied fully on experience, eyesight, color changes, or lab results. However, these methods are unscalable, inconsistent, and can delay time-to-market.


Have An End in Sight for the Extraction Process

Through innovative in-line analytics, this system provides scientific, instantaneous graphing of key molecules relevant to extraction. Tracking these allows operators to see when the extraction is over with actionable molecular data. Knowing exactly when Cannabinoids have been fully absorbed helps you to determine the proper extraction duration, and whether you were under-extracting or over-extracting.

In-Situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy

The EXTRACTION FINDER technology utilizes a principle known as fluorometry, a spectroscopic method of measuring molecules based on how they interact with light. The system primarily consists of the following:

  • SensorThink of this as the “eyes” of the system. It operates in the near-UV fluorescence regime. The sensor wraps around a glass tube then connects and transmits to the pole-mounted display.
  • Display: Think of this as both the “brains” and “face” of the system, as this interprets the signal and displays wavelength information.


What sight glass options do you offer?

We offer sight glasses with 1.5″ or 2″ tri-clamp sanitary flange connections. See an example of how it looks and where it goes on this page.

Is the kit C1D1 or C1D2 listed?

No. While the kit is designed for C1D2 environments, hence the polycarbonate shield around the sensor and sight glass – it has not officially been certified as C1D2. The kit is NOT designed for C1D1 environments. We expect to have a C1D1/D2 solution by the end of 2020. Contact us to pre-order. Existing customers will be able to upgrade.



Real-time molecular monitoring system to assist ethanol extraction operators in optimizing their extraction process

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