It's time to fully dial-in your wiped film evaporator.

The FRACTION FINDER is the first-of-its kind, built to assist laboratory technicians, consultants, and managers see what is in the materials they are processing as they are processing it. Through innovative in-line analytics, the FRACTION FINDER can detect presence and relative purity of botanical molecules during wiped film evaporation.

  • High Efficiency – The Fraction Finder’s readings can indicate if cannabinoids are being rejected in the residue stream; this information can be used to adjust parameters in order to minimize rejected cannabinoids, therefore, optimizing efficiency
  • Parameter Feedback – WFE parameters and setpoints are not adjusted often; however, they might be adjusted when first setting up the WFE, when changing source material, when the seasons change, or when changing pre-processing methods. The Fraction Finder’s readings can provide parameter feedback for temperature and wiper speed.
  • In-Line Quality Assurance – The Fraction Finder’s readings can provide quality assurance and indicate oddities. Users can recognize in real-time if there is “undesirables”, such as Degradates, Chlorophyll, and Lipids, in either of their lines. This is especially useful if there is no in-house HPLC to confirm quality (although, this analytical method differs in that it is after the wiped film evaporation process).

Detect key molecules in real-time with scientific monitoring. This information gives wiped film operators the ability to recognize when “desirables” are being rejected and when any “undesirables” are being collected. Based on this feedback, evaporator operators can tune parameters, such as wiper speed and temperature, to ensure the best separation possible during their wiped film evaporation process.


Knowing what is and isn’t in your material during the process is valuable insight. Experienced technicians and managers can use this system to standardize their wiped film evaporator and to train new staff. Novice technicians can use it to learn, understand, and optimize.

How does it work? The FRACTION FINDER system uses a spectrum of wavelengths over time to determine the relative purity of botanical contents as they are flowing through a glass tube. It utilizes a technology known as fluorometry, a spectroscopic method of measuring molecules based on how they interact with light.

What is it? The world’s first and only in-line molecule monitoring system for wiped film evaporation. The system consists primarily of a sensor that feeds into touch-screen display.

  • SensorThink of this as the “eyes” of the system, as it contains an optical light pulse and detector. The sensor wraps around a glass tube then connects and transmits to the pole-mounted display.
  • Display: Think of this as both the “brains” and “face” of the system, as this interprets the signal through an advanced compute module, and displays optical information that is correlated to relative oil purity present in the flow.

Below is a list of what this package contains and a link for you to review them more closely: 

Optimize your wiped film evaporator with actionable molecular data.

Are you a Laboratory Technician eager to fine tune your craft?

• Increase distillate purity and consistency

• Gain in-line analytics and confirmation for wiped film techniques

Are you a Laboratory Manager or Consultant preparing to train?

• Train new technicians more quickly with real-time visualizations

Review run data with trainees using the Record and Export features

Are you a Laboratory Director or Owner trying to optimize operations? 

• Partially automate the distillation and eliminate potential for human error

• Receive full reporting and traceability of every wiped film evaporation run

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fractions can the Fraction Finder detect?

The Fraction Finder tracks are Cannabinoids (THC or CBDA), Degraded Cannabinoids, Chlorophyll, Lipids, and more. Review our cheat sheet for more.

What units of measure does the Fraction Finder display use? 

The system uses Nanometers (nm) and Intensity (au).

How do I install the sensor on my wiped film evaporator?

There are a few potential ways, varying by the make and style of your wiped film unit.

  1. Direct – Some wiped films, such as the newer Beaker & Wrench systems have size 34 glassware, which allows you to directly install the sensor without an adapter.
  2. Collection Jar – This is made for units with gear pumps, such as the Root Sciences/VTA and Prescott Technologies 1000.
  3. Sight Glass – This is made for metal units with metal connections, such as the Chemtech KDT10. If you are purchasing this sight glass on its own, make sure you select the one that we hyperlinked – without the shield around it.
  4. Rodaviss Adapter – This is made for the Pure Path 100 or any unit with Rodaviss glass connections.
  5. KF25 to 35/25 Ball Joint, O-Ring Style – This was made for the Lab Society HVE Thin Film unit.

Do I need to order 2 Fraction Finder kits for my WFE?

We recommend users order 2 units so that they can monitor both lines; however, it is only essential to operate with 1. Our guide discusses this in more detail.

Is the software upgradeable?

Yes. And it’s free to update! We release updates every few months. The Fraction Finder software is updatable from the field and accessible via



In-line molecular analytical system for wiped film evaporation to ensure separation parameters and optimization

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