Arometrix Monitor


  • Overview: Fraction Finder monitor with compute module (the “brains” of the system)
  • Use: Interprets sensor information and displays a digital readout
  • Bonus: Compatible with both sensor types (for example, you can use this with the FRACTION FINDER or the EXTRACTION FINDER)

Learn about this brand-new monitor that we launched in 2022!

  • This new display comes with many new benefits for clients all at no additional cost:
    • Bigger screen (increased from 7” to 10”)
    • Higher resolution
    • SD card for easy data transfer
    • Larger text for molecular intensity values
    • New base stand
    • Highly durable, industrial flat-screen
    • Certification: ROHS, CE (can ship to Europe)
    • Available in green and black
    • Compatible with all Arometrix sensors
    • Forward-looking platform that can more easily accommodate future capabilities via software updates, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and RS232 communication

Part Number: FF-CM, XF-CM

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Arometrix Monitor