Virtual Run Data Consultation


  • Overview: The virtual consultation(s) generally consists of an analysis of Fraction Finder run data saved by the customer, followed by run data analysis and evaluation. Expert-level recommendations will be made for optimization of the process with customer goals in mind.
  • Packages vary: Note the different packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and the differences in the descriptions. If you want more than one data set reviewed, please select Gold or Platinum.
  • How It Works:
    • First, get started: Select the desired consultation package, and order it directly off of our website (or if you’d prefer, contact Sales directly).
    • Next, get scheduled: Email your availability and desired consultation time (or fill out the form below)
    • Then, make the most out of the consult: If you have it, send along Fraction Finder run data (.csv) exported from the digital display. (The unit has a Record function for saving run data and a Transfer function for uploading data to thumb drive.) Once received, Arometrix’s Technical team will transfer your data into a human-readable format, which we will give back to you, and will perform analytics on it prior to the scheduled consultation.
    • Finally, receive expert training and process optimization. Chris or Ken will review the data with you for process optimization and train you on optimization, as defined by the customers and their specific process goals and questions, and lastly, send a summary of plan moving forward, depending on the package selected.
  • Resources: This training is completely optional, and was designed for those that are looking to rapidly learn how to use the technology. We have a bunch of free resources on our website.
    • 1) You can visit the product page of the product that you have by using our menu and visit the Resources section on that specific page. 
    • 2) Alternatively, you can visit our Resources page, where our documentation is listed for each applicable process (manuals, quick start guides, sample run data).
    • 3) Another great resources for new users is Arometrix Academy, where we provide an introduction to the science behind the technology, its hardware, and its features, as well as some more advanced topics.

We Are Experts in Spectroscopy

Christopher Metting, PhD.

Christopher Metting is Arometrix’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Chris has conducted extensive research in chemistry and optical metrology. He has a passion for getting the science right and getting metrology to work for improving outcomes. With a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and a BS in Chemistry and Physics, Chris is a top-notch researcher and developer. Following ideation of the Fraction Finder, Chris conducted the original literature review to research into fluorescence for cannabis. Chris led our team to develop what would become the first prototype system, create validation for the prototype, and finalize the current Fraction Finder technology that you see today.

We Led Arometrix’s Creation of the Fraction Finder

Research Article: As one of our patented technology’s co-creators, Christopher was also one of the writers of our peer-reviewed research paper, “In Situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy for In-Line Distillation Monitoring”, which he presented along with our team at Cannabis Science Conference East in Maryland in 2019. Watch Dr. Metting present the same  in our five-part series on Arometrix’s Instagram TV.


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Virtual Run Data Consultation