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Scientists Helping Scientists

We are scientists helping scientists make purer extracts, starting with our patent-pending FRACTION FINDER technology. We have a rockstar technical team, specialized in spectroscopy and its use for quality monitoring, compliance, and purity of life-transforming plant extracts. Our research has been peer-reviewed and published, and we are continuously innovating and making new solutions based on our customers’ needs. Arometrix is a Maryland-based type C corporation with headquarters at 11900 Parklawn Dr. Suite 203, Rockville, MD.



Proven & Experienced

Arometrix is a partnership of science and ingenuity formed by two U.S. companies with a rich history of R&D in scientific measurement. Arometrix was formed by its two parent companies, a research company and a product company. The research company has 9 optical patents under its belt, and the product company sells over 10,000 electronic instruments and controllers a year in the botanical, R&D and industrial sectors. The partnership was born to take this very important technology to botanical extraction companies to help them make safer, purer product. Our creation is the FRACTION FINDER, a patent-pending technology that utilizes fluorescence spectroscopy to track molecular content during botanical processing. Our vision is to be standard for quality monitoring, purity, and compliance of life-transforming plant extracts. Our core values are technical expertise, innovation, quality, and transparency.


Our Leadership

Tim Collins

Chief Executive Officer // EE MBA

Tim Collins is also a second generation CEO of an instrumentation design and manufacturing company. His experience with metrology and relationship with the botanical distillation community brought the Fraction Finder spectroscopy solution to light.

George Atanasoff

Chairman of Board of Directors // PhD

George Atanasoff is the CEO of an optics research company, and as a physicist, has extensive experience with process control in semiconductor manufacturing. He has a passion for leveraging spectroscopy to improve process quality outcomes.

Chris Metting

Chief Technology Officer // PhD

Chris Metting has conducted extensive research in chemistry and optical metrology. He has a passion for getting the science right and getting metrology to work for improving outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the standard for quality monitoring, compliance, and purity of life-transforming plant extracts.

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Our Mission

To design and develop molecular measurement technology for botanical extraction facilities to improve process and output quality.

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Hemp and Cannabis extraction facilities, including: extraction, distillation and refinement Laboratory Technicians, Managers, and Directors, as well as Quality Managers and R&D Process Technicians. Our customers also include manufacturers (OEMs) of extraction or distillation equipment, and vendors and resellers of extraction equipment.

Arometrix: What’s in the Name?

The name is composed of two parts: Aro, the prefix that is also present in the term Aromatics. Aromatic compounds are the type present in much of the botanical oil processing and examples are terpenes, benzene, and toluene. Metra is short for measurement. X marks the spot: finding a definitive answer.

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