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Ready to be a master Fraction Finder?

This online program will be divided into 3 course levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Review the syllabus below, made to help you be the best fraction finder you can be.


Beginner Level Syllabus

Have no clue what this technology is or does? Start here.

  1. What is spectroscopy?
  2. What is fluorescence?
  3. What are waves and wavelengths?
  4. What are nanometers?
  5. What are peak structures?
  6. Putting concepts into context
  7. Basics of the Fraction Finder
  8. Fraction Finder – Ethanol Extraction Explainer Video
  9. Fraction Finder – Short Path Distillation Explainer Video
  10. Traditional Method vs Fraction Finder Method
  11. Challenges with typical fraction finding techniques
  12. What about color changes to determine fractions?
  13. Read our Beginner’s Guide to Fluorescence Spectroscopy


Intermediate Level Syllabus

Ready to learn more? Dig deeper.


  1. Short Path Distillation Explained
  2. Wiped Film Evaporation Explained
  3. Ethanol Extraction Explained


  1. How to install the sensor and tape
  2. Different adapters and sight glasses


  1. Wavelength view vs spectrum view
  2. Why the AID should be auto and scans to average should be 5
  3. Every feature on the Fraction Finder display
  4. Wavelengths settings and molecule dropdown
  5. How to determine head main bodies and tails during distillation
  6. What to look for during wiped film
  7. Updating to the newest software

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Expert Level Syllabus

Want to become an expert? Finish here.

  1. Arometrix SOP for “Hot Tech Hemp Distillation with Two Fraction Finders”
  2. Arometrix research article “In Situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy for In-Line Distillation Process Monitoring”
  3. Recording and reviewing run data
  4. Breaking down an entire ethanol extraction run
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