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At Arometrix, we strive to tailor-make all of our products to our customers desired needs and wants. As we advance our algorithms, add features, fix bugs, etc., we release new software that makes Arometrix’s software more cohesive, useful, and user-friendly. Now, if you own an Arometrix system, you can download our software and update from the field.

Visit to download your chosen software file.


Software Update – Mac Instructions – Follow these steps prior to following the standard instructions

  1. Plug USB in MAC
  2. Open “Disk Utility” (If you don’t know where this is, you can locate it by using Spotlight Search)
  3. In “Disk Utility”, go to the External tab and click where it says “Firmware”.
  4. Click “Erase”
  5. Select Format to MS-DOS (FAT), and Scheme to GUID Partition Map and erase it
  6. Follow steps 1-8 from the Standard Instructions list (above)
    • Note: Make sure you download directly to your Mac Desktop (as opposed to directly to your thumb drive). Next, open up Finder. Go to Locations. Click on your external thumb drive (nothing at all should be in it at this point). Now, drag the file from your desktop into that location.

Software Update – Standard Instructions – Follow these instructions if you do not have a Mac laptop or desktop

    1. Fill out the short form to download the firmware file (.fff). Download directly to your Desktop, or drag to your desktop (as opposed to directly to your thumb drive). Don’t try to open it – drag the .fff file from your desktop into your external thumb drive location.
      • If it asks for a password then your computer rendered a zip file and you might be unintentionally trying to unzip or open the file, and you don’t need to do that. You just need to install the file onto a jump drive.
    2. Plug the flash drive into the USB port on the bottom of the Fraction Finder.
    3. Turn the Fraction Finder on.
    4. After the initial boot screen, you should see a Firmware updater screen appear on it. You will notice that it will quickly hit 41%, then it won’t update at all for about 10 minutes. This is normal.
    5. After the firmware update, the software should boot up as normal into the newest update.
      • Note: If you tried to update your Fraction Finder and it registered, but said “No firmware found”, then delete the file from your computer, quit out of your Internet browser, and start over. If you tried again, and it still failed to upload, email about this. We will directly email you the file and make sure that you get this new software.
    6. Unplug the flash drive from the Fraction Finder.
    7. Delete the file from the flash drive to avoid re-updating your Fraction Finder accidentally.


Software Change Log

  • 54 years ago Fixed Fixed sensor connectivity bug causing intermittent yellow or red "Device Status
  • 54 years ago Add Chemical tracking for:
  • 54 years ago Add "Fools Gold"
  • 54 years ago Add Degradates
  • 54 years ago Add CBD indicator
  • 54 years ago Add Lipids
  • 54 years ago Add Auto-highlighting of regions when selected to be tracked for plotting
  • 54 years ago Add Method of hiding and showing the reference peak
  • 54 years ago Update Indicator values are scaled to values that lie between 1-100,000
  • 54 years ago Update Indicator values are calculated differently to support both classical sensors and high-sensitivity sensors
  • 54 years ago Update Indicator values displayed as integers instead of scientific notation
  • 54 years ago Update Wavelength colors now correlate to chemical indicator text and highlight regimes
  • 54 years ago Update Icon to enable/disable the chemical indicator tracking graphic changed and colored to match highlight region
  • 54 years ago Update Region number and Value font style change and smaller
  • 54 years ago Update Chemical Indicator selector box text made smaller
  • 54 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug with wavelength plot updates if date set during tracking
  • 54 years ago Add Saving for integration time, scans to average, and autointegration status
  • 54 years ago Add Collapsable information panel on home screen
  • 54 years ago Add A permanent large Autoscale button on the bottom of plots.
  • 54 years ago Add Wavelength selection now contains a dropdown menu that users can select presets. These presets will populate the wavelength region. Users can then customize those regions.
  • 54 years ago Add Default button on wavelength selection lets users reset from custom selections
  • 54 years ago Add Support for higher resolution Fraction Finder devices
  • 54 years ago Add Memory space information pane with settings and the ability to clear data
  • 54 years ago Add A memory usage bar at bottom of the screen
  • 54 years ago Removed Second logo on top bar removed
  • 54 years ago Removed Removed “ArometriX Inc.” text at bottom to make room for memory readout
  • 54 years ago Update Toggling between displays on home screen now only uses one button
  • 54 years ago Update "Wavelength" on home screen is now "Region"
  • 54 years ago Update "Intensity" is now "Value"
  • 54 years ago Update Wavelength tracker on homescreen now displays abbreviation of indicator
  • 54 years ago Update Dragging finger on plot now zooms instead of pans
  • 54 years ago Update Autoscale now scales to the detector limit and not more
  • 54 years ago Update Clock settings panel has an updated look
  • 54 years ago Update Eyeball icon is now a checkbox
  • 54 years ago Update Splash Screen is now Dr. Distiller
  • 54 years ago Update Legend now says “Region” instead of "wavelength"
  • 54 years ago Update Wavelength plot only updates every three seconds to improve GUI responsivity
  • 54 years ago Update New look and feel for skin
  • 54 years ago Update Maximum number of data points to be plotted on wavelength panel reduced from 20,000 to 5,000
  • 54 years ago Update Wavelength tracking panel only samples every 6 seconds
  • 54 years ago Update Icons for buttons changed
  • 54 years ago Fixed Data transfer will now transfer zip file of data that has been saved to system
  • 54 years ago Fixed System is now more responsive under long processes
  • 54 years ago Add Server explicitly formats timestamp with micros and stores String rather than Datetime
  • 54 years ago Update Changed references to from “Exposure” to "Integration"
  • 54 years ago Fixed Fixed ValueError when timestamp doesn’t have partial seconds
  • 54 years ago Add Auto-integration feature
  • 54 years ago Add Database transfer utility
  • 54 years ago Add Firmware version number indicator on bottom indicator bar
  • 54 years ago Add Increased information tab width to prevent window resizing during acquisition
  • 54 years ago Add All time units are now in microseconds
  • 54 years ago Add Dynamic timeout to prevent system timeout on long acquisitions
  • 54 years ago Add Light on indicator now turns green when the light is on and red when the light is off (on the Fraction Finder Sensor)
  • 54 years ago Add Format all text labels to match size and font
  • 54 years ago Fixed Fix scans to average not updating unit integration time was set
  • 54 years ago Fixed Fixed sensor not reconnecting if sensor was not initially plugged in
  • 54 years ago Fixed Partial fix for database corruption
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