Hot Tech Adapter


  • Overview: “S” curved Hot Tech Adapter with female to male joints for Fraction Finder users that run “hot tech” distillation
  • Use: This moves move our sensor away from the condenser and relocates it to a new location, typically in-line between the condenser & collection flask
  • Specs: Available with the sizes as defined in the options below. If you are unsure if these sizes are right for your system, then email
  • Additional Information:
    • The Fraction Finder sensor can handle glassware that are at or under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why this adapter is ideal for “hot tech” operators
    • Works especially well in tandem with our Isolation Valve Adapter
    • Watch our instructional video of a Hot Tech distillation run below

Part Number: A-HT-C

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Hot Tech Adapter