Ultra-Sensitive Sensor, Size 34


  • Fraction Finder optical sensor with ultra-sensitive detector
  • Magnetic locking mechanism
  • Anodized aluminum apertures
  • 90° strap rotation
  • Currently only available in size 34
  • Validated by Arometrix for use on various extractors, when attached to our custom sight glass; included in Fraction Finder for Extraction package
  • Validated by Arometrix for use on distillation systems
  • Currently being tested on reverse-phase chromatography processes
  • Display and sight glass not included

NOTE: If you currently have a standard Fraction Finder sensor, and would like to trade-in your sensor for this new, ultra-sensitive sensor, select that option. Then, please call Sales, or email sales@arometrix.com with the subject “Sensor upgrade”, so we can coordinate the trade-in.

Part Number: FF-S-O-97-34

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Ultra-Sensitive Sensor, Size 34