Fraction Finder Ultra Sensor


The FRACTION FINDER ULTRA is the next-gen version of the FRACTION FINDER sensor, featuring a brand new, ultra-sensitive sensor that is over 10X more sensitive. This enables our technology to serve processes that require extreme detection, such as isolation (glass column chromatography), in addition to distillation processes.

Lack of inexpensive, easy fraction identification during isolation

Regardless of technique, chromatography can be a very complex process. The goal is to efficiently produce clean fraction cuts. In order to achieve this, operators typically learn by trial and error in timing when to stop eluting, switch fractions, or switch columns.

Without analytics, accurately timing elution is very challenging. It is common for Chromatography operators to look to pair their columns with on-site analytics. However, this can be incredibly expensive and data interpretation can be complicated. Additionally, most Chromatography processes don’t use UV detection as a gross source of flow data; rather; they extend the process with a long, thin tube where multiple sensors provide UV data readings.

Arometrix’s solution is a more affordable, easier alternative. Not only can the system provide real-time, in-line data during Chromatography — it can also be easily disconnected then used during fractional distillation processes.

Isolation process monitoring from Arometrix

Arometrix’s disruptive solution is the patented FRACTION FINDER ULTRA. Processors refer to it while they are operating to view molecular levels and changes. By using the system in tandem with existing laboratory and processing techniques, you’ll have a wealth of additional information on which to base decisions.

For example, the data will let you easily monitor fraction peaks to know when to stop eluting, switch fractions, or switch columns. Knowing exactly when each fraction starts helps you with precise and repeatable separation of fractions.

Additionally, this technology is great for rapidly training novice technicians on the process, or standardizing processes across a large facility.

Applicable processes for this model include:

  • Normal-phase chromatography
  • Reverse-phase chromatography


  • Fraction Finder optical sensor with ultra-sensitive detector; over 10X more sensitive than the standard Fraction Finder sensor
  • Magnetic locking mechanism
  • Anodized aluminum apertures
  • 90° strap rotation
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Fraction Finder Ultra Sensor