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Smarter. Simpler. Sleeker. The latest Arometrix software packages feature new molecules and a new, intuitive user experience.

This page overviews our newest features. Learn how to update your Fraction Finder software on our Software page.

New Molecule Indicators

We added new Molecule Indicators to our Molecule Dropdown feature: CBD Indicator, Degradates, Lipids, and “Fool’s Gold”. Scroll down further to see how each new molecule appears on our display.

Intuitive Values

We created new, intuitive Intensity Values to track molecules. Forget the scientific notation in Version 1.2.2 or prior – now you can use standard digits to track molecule intensity values.

Auto Highlighting

This feature was highly requested by our user base. Simply check the molecule’s checkbox and the screen will automatically highlight the region that molecule fluoresces at.

CBD Indicator

The wavelength region for the Fraction Finder’s CBD Indicator is 450 nm – 490 nm. CBD’s waveform is sharp. The intensity value of the signal shown is 2390.


The wavelength region for Lipids is 550 nm – 620 nm. Lipids’ waveform is sharp and broad. The intensity value of the signal shown is 848.

“Fool’s Gold”

“Fool’s Gold” is an unidentified species that looks gold in color. Due to its golden hue, during short-path distillation, it “fools” the operator to thinking that the desired Cannabinoid has appeared; but, in actuality, it is not. The wavelength region for “Fool’s Gold” is 405 nm – 435 nm. The waveform for “Fool’s Gold” is sharp. The intensity value of the signal shown is 2295.


The wavelength region for Degradates is 510 nm – 550 nm. The waveform for Degradates is broad and skewed left. The intensity value of the signal shown is 81.

Reference Remover

The reference or excitation peak (sharp peak at 365 nm) is what our system refers to. It is not a process indicator; it exists solely for internal reasons. Some users like it; others find it to be distracting. The new feature (small circular button in the top-left corner) removes the reference peak. Compare the image below with the image above to see the difference; both show spectra for Degradates. The remover cuts off spectra prior to ~390.

External Communication Software

Pictured below is the Fraction Finder with Lab Society’s ELITE LAB, and a picture of it with Summit Research’s ATHENA.

Order and download this revolutionary software with external communications enabled here.




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