The Significance of our Patent Technology

What makes the Fractions Finder so Special? Since Arometrix’s inception, one thing has been clear: our technical team is devoted to enhancing their custom technology and educating its community on how to efficiently use their revolutionary invention, the Fraction Finder.

The Fraction Finder is Arometrix’s real-time molecular monitoring system for refinement processes, such as fractional distillation and isolation. This patented technology is essential for getting the highest-quality, most consistent oils possible. Forget the old ways of relying on experience, guesswork, and eyesight alone – now you can identify fractions in-line with this novel approach to real-time molecular tracking.


The Fraction Finder…

  1. Figures out where components start and stop flowing to optimize separation
  2. Helps take the guesswork out
  3. Shows accurate measurements when a distillation is ran
  4. Increases purity and potency on every distillation pass. 
  5. Allows you to identify the contents of a flow in a glass tube in real time via peak structures (shape of the spectral signal)
  6. Is measured in Wavelength (the X-Axis) (Measured in nanometers)
  7. Scales via Intensity (the Y-Axis) (measured in counts)

Please Note: The Fraction Finder measures the amount of light at different wavelengths, The collection of these intensity values, with respect to the wavelengths, is what makes peak structures. For better understanding please refer to our Arometrix Academy.

Fraction Finder Down to the Basics

Key Features

  1. Optical Sensor: Attaches on equipment glassware or sight glass
  2. Digital Display: Mounts to a lab pole
  3. Light-Blocking Tape: Blocks ambient light from the sensor
  4. Glass Adapter: If necessary, adapts the sensor to specific equipment

Powered by Fluorescence Spectroscopy

This technology utilizes a principle known as fluorescence spectroscopy, a branch of science concerned with measuring molecules based on how they interact with light. The technology uses a spectrum of wavelengths over time to determine the relative purity of oils flowing through a glass condenser or sight glass. This technique paves the way for precision and repeatability, which will yield a more consistent product over time.

Topic Dive

We delve into topics like the purity of oils and a reliable process control to inform everyone about why Arometrix made the Fraction Finder in the first place. Consider the following excerpt from our white paper to understand the specific need for the Fraction Finder:

“As distillate-based medications continue to enter the market, purity and safety become increasingly important. This includes ensuring a controlled, reliable processing method for companies and employees that handle distillation. Before the Fraction Finder, processors had no clear way to monitor their distillation in real-time. Rather, they relied on eyesight and experience to judge the process quality.”

Please reach out with any feedback or questions. In the meantime,  the Arometrix team will continue to strive toward our vision of becoming the standard for quality monitoring, compliance, and purity of life-transforming plant oils.

Why Choose the Fraction Finder?

Considered to be the company’s signature product, the fraction finder serves as an interface that provides accurate data of the oil that’s being distilled. It describes where the components in said oil start and stop flowing, which eliminates the hassle of taking educated guesses. Through using counts and nanometers, the interface allows for the identification of the contents in a glass tube in real time using peak structures (shape of the spectral signal). This tool demonstrates its significance with every use and aids in the overall development in not only the company itself, but also in the field that we specialize in.

Want to learn more about the Fraction Finder? Check out our resource page that dives into application notes.

Want to try out the tech for yourself? Book our Lab Analysis Here!

Watch how our Finder technology performs a full Run ft. Daniel from Canamo Concentrates (@dayofthedabs_az) and our Extraction Finder

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