“As Long as It’s Black”

“As Long as It’s Black”

“You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.”
~ Henry Ford; remark about the Model T in 1909

The FRACTION FINDER sensor consists of an optical light pulse and detector, acting as “the eyes” of the system. It wraps around a distillation set up condenser tube and connects to the FRACTION FINDER display to track important data on the distillation.

We offer our sensors in a few sizes: 29, 34 and soon, 24. However, we only offer them in one color: Black.  Why is that? Is it because our team of technicians and engineers enjoy the aesthetics of it… or is it because there’s an actual functional reason behind it?

The answer is it’s functional, of course! It’s highly functional at that and in a multitude of ways. Here are the top three reasons for our black sensors.

Optimal Signaling

  • Black absorbs all light while blocking out ambient light.
  • This leads to better signaling and the most valid data possible transmitting to the FRACTION FINDER display.
  • For example, a white sensor wouldn’t work because it would reflect the light into your glassware and into the sensor, harming the reading.

Chemical Resistant

  • This reduces any degradation from solvents, crude oils, extracts, etc..
  • This protects the sensor and ensures that it lives to see an endless amount of runs.

Thermo Resistant / Safety

  • The black coating we use on each sensor is a high temperature, thermal resistant coating, it can withstand temperatures well above anything you’d see in a distillation lab.
  • It’s nearly impossible to set one of our sensors on fire, the coating is almost completely fireproof!
  • This protects the user, the equipment, and (in worst case scenarios) the entire lab.

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