New Year, New Developments

New Year, New Developments

In 2018, the Fraction Finder lived up to the hype and made waves in the botanical refinement community. We’re proud to say that the system has established its place firmly in the post-processing laboratory – as a tool geared for precise process control and as a complement to the traditional temperature and pressure measures. We, at Arometrix, spent a large part of this past year gathering user feedback via end-customer visits and community feedback at trade shows and customer site visits so that we could further innovate the system’s software and hardware. We made updates, removals, and changes with rapid response time. We built a website, published several blogs, and created social media accounts so that we can stay connected to our base.

2018 Highlights

  1. Launching the Fraction Finder in the summer and innovating from thereon
  2. Making Fraction Finder software updates downloadable from the field and broadcasting a running list of these updates on our website
  3. Adding a whole new option (Automated Integration of Time) to the display interface to reduce the learning curve for new users
  4. Doing a live Instagram demo on the Fraction Finder with Across International
  5. Going to CannaCon in Boston in July
    1. Recording a radio interview with WEMF
    2. Filming an interview on Circa News
    3. Making a big-time feature on NBC Boston
    4. Writing an article about the whole trade show weekend
  6. Going to MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas in November
    1. Doing vape pen demos for attendees to see if miscellaneous fractions existed in their fluids (some walked away with their heads high, others… not so much)
    2. Giving out exclusive Dr. Distiller t-shirts to any distiller that stopped by our booth… didn’t get one?

2019 Resolutions

This year we’re doubling down on our promise of constant innovation. All 2019, we’ll be releasing (very) noticeable updates, such as a remote monitoring option, to the Fraction Finder system to make it even more capable and to make running a process more seamless. We’re going to continue to announce these updates on our website and social media accounts for complete transparency.

Comment below which software and/or hardware updates you would like to see on the Fraction Finder right now! We would love to hear your suggestions and we promise to show each one to our Technical Team. Who knows… your feature idea might just become a reality?

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