Firmware Download

You can download the latest firmware software update here: Firmware 1.1.2

Fraction Finder Releases

  • 49 years ago Additions
  • 49 years ago Removals
  • 49 years ago Changes Server explicitly formats timestamp with micros and stores String rather than Datetime
  • 49 years ago Changes Changed references to from “Exposure” to "Integration"
  • 49 years ago Fixes Fixed ValueError when timestamp doesn’t have partial seconds
  • 49 years ago Additions Auto-integration feature
  • 49 years ago Additions Database transfer utility
  • 49 years ago Additions Firmware version number indicator on bottom indicator bar
  • 49 years ago Removals
  • 49 years ago Changes Increased information tab width to prevent window resizing during acquisition
  • 49 years ago Changes All time units are now in microseconds
  • 49 years ago Changes Dynamic timeout to prevent system timeout on long acquisitions
  • 49 years ago Fixes Light on indicator now turns green when the light is on and red when the light is off (on the Fraction Finder Sensor)
  • 49 years ago Fixes Format all text labels to match size and font
  • 49 years ago Fixes Fix scans to average not updating unit integration time was set
  • 49 years ago Fixes Fixed sensor not reconnecting if sensor was not initially plugged in
  • 49 years ago Fixes Partial fix for database corruption