Software 1.2.3

Smarter. Simpler. Sleeker. Version 1.2.3 features new molecules and a new, intuitive user experience.

We are proud to officially release the latest Fraction Finder software update. You can download it here now: Version 1.2.3.

New improvements and features include more molecular indicators, intuitive intensity values, region highlighting, an excitation peak remover, and more.

Now, if you own a Fraction Finder, you can download our latest update at no cost at all.

New Molecule Indicators

We added new Molecule Indicators to our Molecule Dropdown feature: CBD Indicator, Degradates, Lipids, and “Fool’s Gold”. Scroll down further to see how each new molecule appears on our display.

Intuitive Intensity Values

We created new, intuitive Intensity Values to track molecules. Forget the scientific notation in Version 1.2.2 or prior – now you can use standard digits to track molecule intensity values.

Auto Region Highlighting

This feature was highly requested by our user base. Simply check the molecule’s checkbox and the screen will automatically highlight the region that molecule fluoresces at.

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